United Gamerz is Back!

Jason posted Nov 21, 14
After a short recess United Gamerz is coming back the way it was meant to be. We are drawing inspiration from our roots to create an environment we all can be proud of and we can call our home once again.

Our New Mission Statement: United Gamerz is a community whos goal is to create a fun and creative community that plays games together.

Our New Divisions:
League of Legends
Counter Strike

Our Staff: 

Owners: Chase(Rapidfire) and Jason(Eclipse)
Admins: Ezra,  Josh(Jelloman), and Ryoku

Membership Requirements:

  1. You must be 18 or older (Exceptions to past staff members)
  2. You must have a mic, no mic = no membership
  3. You must a game that is in one of our divisions
  4. You must be mature
  5. You have no intentions of hacking or cheating in any game

We are looking forward to our new future and our launch in january of 2015!


Jason and Chase
UG Owners

United Gamerz. We already won!
CodedSoul Seems legit.
EnderWiz Yay Counter Strike!